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September 6, 2014

Training & Nutrition

Dr. Adrian Wong's – Training Tips

By day, Dr. Adrian Wong is a researcher in Dr. Richard Bergeron's lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute investigating mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders. Away from the lab he is a long-time member and coach at the Ottawa Triathlon Club, helping others to reach their full potential. Check out Dr. Wong's Weekly Training Tips every week in our Ride the Rideau Weekly News.


Training Tip of the Week

We are blessed in this part of the world with a fantastic training loop. Not only is it a decent length (~20k) but it is closed to road traffic on Sunday mornings. I am, of course, talking about Gatineau Park, and on a nice weekend evening or weekend, it is chock-full of people. Some of them are wearing tight lycra and riding very expensive two-wheeled contraptions! One reason why the Gatineau Park loop is so popular is because of the hills. I've talked before about adding intensity, and hills are great way to do just that. Especially if you're me and climb hills much like a boat anchor wrapped in a bag of bricks! One trick with riding hills is pacing – you see it all the time when people hit the hill too hard and then grind to a halt halfway up because they've just run out of energy! It's completely counterintuitive, but the optimal way to approach a hill is to think about a carpet unrolling – start off slowly, and then ramp up the speed. What happens here is that you keep some energy in reserve and you keep everything under control, which is the name of the game when it comes to hills.

While Ride the Rideau is definitely flat, doing some hilly rides (especially hilly, long rides) will pay huge dividends. Both the physiological and psychological benefits of hill riding will shine through. So hopefully I'll see you out there, and if you happen to see me puffing and panting up a hill, I could always use a push!

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Geordie McConnell's - Training and Nutrition Guidelines

Geordie is a NCCP certified Level One Triathlon Coach and has introduced hundreds to the sport of triathlon over the last 13 years. He prides himself on the ability to take the most advanced of triathlon science and make it work for athletes of every level. Check out Geordie's general guidelines on Training and Nutrition as you prepare for the ride of your life to save someone else's.